Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Anonmyous Hit and Run

Chris found a dent on the acura yesterday. Not just a dent, though -- it looks like someone drove into and along the side of the car for a good foot or so before taking off. The indent isn't huge -- no structural damage -- but it's plain as day. The car is not new, but it's been well taken care of, and it's the first car we purchased together. Plus, there's something deeply disturbing about someone destroying what's yours with so little regard.

It brings to mind our most recent car purchase earlier this year (we had to upsize to fit everything that goes with having 2 kids). As we sat in the Carmax parking lot to sell the second vehicle we purchased together, one of Those People just had to pull up into the spot next to ours and bang open their car door without a fraction of a moment's thought. Not 1 hour after we drove off the lot, we had a nice fat knick on the driver side door -- not just paint chipped off, but plastic gouged out. The guilty party was anything but guilty. He and his older companion saw nothing wrong with what had happened -- there was no structural damage, so why are we so upset? He genuinely seemed infuriatingly uncaring that he just damaged someone else's property. He didn't even care that he was caught doing it -- just kept asking why we were so upset.

GRRRRRR. I can only pray for karma.

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  1. There is something super-frustrating about other people telling you not to worry about damage they have caused to your things. Even if it's only a thing, it's *your* place to tell *them* whether or not to worry about the damage they've caused, and not the other way around.