Friday, August 27, 2010

An Unexpected Surprise

1) Mmmmm:
Chris is home with the kids today as their school is closed today for some admin something in preparation for the new school year. He took them around town on various errands. One stop was Georgetown Cupcakes, one of which opened in Bethesda within the past year. He has their cupcakes every town hall his company holds (though as pricey as those are, and as badly as his company is doing, I seriously wonder about that particular use of money!). He has raved about them for a while now and decided to buy a dozen (!?!?). The 4 of us shared 4 of them before I came back to the office. They are dainty, pretty, petite. I tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, the Fudge something something evil, the Cherry Cheesecake, and the Chocolate Ganache. Oh. My. Mmmmmmmm. My favorite was the Cherry Cheesecake. Just the heft of it in my hand alone promised pure paradise. Like a bar of gold, the size of it belied the weight. I'm sure 5 whole sticks of butter plus 3 tubs of cream cheese, not to mention a liberal scoop of sugar, was all somehow condensed into the little treat. Heavy though it was in my hand, it somehow managed to melt and crumble like clouds in my mouth. Can you tell I enjoyed it? There is one more in the box....

2) Oooooo:
My company is strict about what sites you can and cannot visit (no personal email, no message boards, no video, no youtube, no facebook, etc). So imagine my happy surprise when I found myself able to get to this site! Who knows how long this access will last, but I will enjoy it while I can.

I almost feel guilty using this site. (They clearly say in the guidelines that we need to use our judgement regarding which sites are appropriate and which aren't.) And the fact that I actually enjoy using this site makes it feel like it's probably on the list of no-no's.

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